On Compassion For Perpetrators

  CONTENT WARNING: This post deals with discussion of sexual assault, stalking, and harassment.    I think about compassion within the framework of abuse and racism a lot.  If we choose to live our lives with the core values of love and justice and community then we do so with the intention of providing everyone […]

I Love You

Hey. Hey you. Over there. I don’t know you. Not personally. We’ve never met. But I love you. I love the way you move through this world, trying your best. I love the way you wake up every morning, even when it’s hard. I love you when you drag yourself out of bed and move […]

On Hopepunk

We live in a world where many of us struggle every day. We struggle to be heard, to be valued, to survive in a universe that seems set on making our lives as difficult as possible. Some of us are struggling to pay the bills, to eat, to raise kids on our own. It’s hard […]